The "Birth of Peeky"

It was a rainy, bone-chilling October evening in New York City. In her 5th floor walk-up apartment, Peeky Toes
Founder Charissa Stuart was dreaming about a pedicure and warm feet as she put away her laundry.
She was unemployed and living in a 350 square foot studio.

Yet, as much as she yearned for that pedicure, she was dissuaded by the daunting vision of herself
trekking down 5 flights and walking to and from the nail salon in flip-flops with exposed feet
in wet, 40-degree weather. Her only other option was to put on closed-toe shoes, but she
knew this would mean she'd have to face the age-old dilemma of ruining her polish.

Looking deep within herself (and her sock drawer), Charissa found a solution.
She pulled out an old, holey pair of sweat socks circa 1988. Determined, she
cut off the toe sections of the socks, slipped her new toe-less socks onto her
feet, and put on a trusted pair of flip-flops. With her toes wiggling proudly
as her feet felt snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug, Charissa envisioned herself
(and all of womankind!) braving the elements of a cold October night
while triumphantly walking to the nail salon.

That night, Peeky Toes was born.

Alas, Peeky is about every woman's right to get that pedicure on a cold, rainy night --- or anytime, for that matter.
It's about stepping into the world on our own terms and owning our down-time. It's about not having to sacrifice
our luxuries anymore because, after all, don't we sacrifice enough?

And, it all started from an old, holey pair of sweat socks and a dream.

Charissa Stuart, Founder of Peeky Toes™
Copyright 2008

Founder's Bio

Having spent 12 years in the Finance industry, Peeky Toes Founder Charissa Stuart demonstrated her perseverance as a female trader in equity options on the American Stock Exchange trading floor for Goldman Sachs and as a sales trader in fixed income for Barclays Capital. Along the way, Charissa somehow found the time to attend London Business School for a semester and obtain an MBA degree from New York University's Stern School of Business, all the while working fulltime.

The rapid, aggressive pace of Charissa's lifestyle led her to value the time she was able to steal to decompress. Like you, she recognizes the importance of pampering oneself after a long demading day! 

Peeky rewards your successes, validates your efforts, and gives you that much-deserved pat-on-the back by comforting the feet that take you through life's sometimes rocky roads. With Peeky, Charissa implores you to reclaim your pedicure hour as your own and reward your feet with luxurious yarns of cashmere and silk.

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